Restaurant Pro Express

Pull it together and simplify with RPE

Restaurant Pro Express has transformed the quick service industry through quick user-friendly order taking, with customizable buttons and hot keys, ensuring your

orders are processed as fast as possible keeping the line to a minimum.


Free built-in customer loyalty and gift card processing are a sure bet to keep your customers coming back

Almost Too Easy

Train your employees on how to ring up sales in minutes. The customizable interface allows for logical quick transactions arranged in a fashion that keeps order processing simple.

Marketing: Loyalty and Gift

Setup a rewards program based on number of items purchased, dollars spent, or by birthday.Easily track the rewards and offer gift cards with no cost to process.

Employee In-sight

Limit what your employees have access to in the POS system. Clock in/out, track hours/wages, and build the staff schedule using our built-in labor scheduler.

Inventory down to Ingredients

Track recipes and ingredients to reduce theft, waste, and discrepancies. Be notified when items are running low, and use PO’s for re-ordering.

Better Reporting

Stay on top of costs, inventory, and sales data. Make smarter decisions to further develop your business with valuable in-sight via our extensive reporting.

Manage your kitchen

Improve the speed and efficiency of your kitchen with detailed performance statistics and a kitchen display system or kitchen printer. Print to specific printers and use modifiers.


A few more features worthy of mentioning.


Bar Tabs

Start a bar tab by swiping a credit card. No need to store credit cards behind the bar, cut down on misplaced credit cards.

Multiple Menus

Have multiple menus? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner? RPE automatically switches between menus on a schedule you set.


Forced and optional modifiers allow your employees to quickly and accurately ring up items. Configure moodier groups for multiple modifiers.

Low Stock Alerts

Restaurant Pro Express allows you set reorder levels on items so you never run out, and can easily reorder the same item.

Comps and Voids

Set permission levels for who can comp items for customers or void items ordered incorrectly, and track when they are happening.

Labor Scheduling

Use the labor scheduler to effortlessly build out your employee schedules. You can limit clock in/out times, and post the schedule.


Coupons are a great marketing tool that generate repeat business. Offer percentage discounts, buy 1 get 1, and other time-sensitive sales promotions.

Purchase Orders

Create PO’s based on low stock items and by vendor. Order your items individually or by the case.

On-House Accounts

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